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About Vibration Therapy

Special Promotion

Join now for only R90 per session (pay per month, or get a discount on multiple sessions.  15 Minutes is equal to 1 Hour at the gym!

We have a sign up admin fee of R400.00, which is paid on the first session.

Our Fee Structure allows for different options. Payment is due upfront in the beginning of the month.
1 month calander notice must be given.

  • Weight, Fat and Cellulite loss
  • Lowers Stress Levels
  • Reduce Migraines & Headaches
  • Treats Back Pain Effectively
  • Reduce Insomnia
  • Anti Aging
  • Reflexology
  • Lymphatic Drainage & Detox
  • Rehabilitation Of Injuries
  • Muscle Toning
  • Increased Circulation & Flexibility
  • Corrects Hormonal Imbalances
  • Increased Circulation & Flexibility
  • Corrects Hormonal Imbalances
  • Increased Fitness & Stamina
  • Osteoporosis Prevention

Fee Structure

There is a once off registration of fee of R350.00. Payments are due upfront, at the beginning of the month.
An extra R65 will be charged for cardio sessions for those who are interested, please chat to me.

Whole Body Vibration Training and Exercises

Whole Body Vibration exercise is called VIBRACISING SM. VIBRACISING SM covers a wide range of exercise formats while standing on a single motor vibrating platform. In addition, therapeutic exercise applications like Posturology can also be employed with significantly enhanced benefits beyond what is typically achievable using the exercise method alone. The vibrations help to potentiate the effects of the movement performed.

Dynamic exercise need not be solely performed to get benefits from Vibrating. Just standing on the platform, with knees slightly bent, can have dramatic effects on balance, mobility, weight loss and vitality. Dr. DeOrio likes to use the machine, simply standing on it, before performing a yoga or weightlifting workout for added strength and energy.

Vibrating054_sml.jpgBody Vibration can enhance any fitness regimen or sport activity by potentiating the body’s adaptive response to a given exercise or by increasing the CHI or life force energy in the body, so a more intense workout can be performed.

Medical Wellness

Whole body vibration improves circulation and oxygen delivery to peripheral tissues such as the feet, hands, skin and hair as well as organs, glands, muscle and fat. The improved circulation of oxygen and blood increases the cells ability to eliminate waste, respond to hormones and absorb nutrients, sugars and minerals. Aging occurs because of lack of proper oxygenation, nutrification and circulation to any body part. So improving these critical body functions is necessary to stall or even reverse the aging process.

Vibration training should be an integral part of any longevity wellness program.

Physical Therapy and Medical Rehabilitation

Physical therapists, medical doctors and chiropractors all report significant therapeutic effects from whole body vibration therapy. Regular use of these devices helps to restore strength, flexibility and improved range of motion, both before and after musculoskeletal injuries and for traumas. Vibration training can also help to prevent injuries when used in conjunction with other conventional training methods.

The DKN-Technology’s cutting edge vibration technology opens up new opportunity for people suffering with conditions such as, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy and stroke victims. It allows them to gain the benefit of exercise while staying within their personal physical capacities. Scientific research is pouring in from around the world on the effects of Whole Body Vibration. Numerous studies are finding their way into prominent medical publications and leading fitness research journals.

Sports Performance

Weekend warriors to elite athletes are benefiting from the incredible performance boosting effects of whole body vibration training. Dramatic increases in coordination, strength, flexibility and speed all help to improve the athletes game across all fields of sports activity. Even the brain is trained through whole body vibration. It improves the athlete’s adaptive response to performance driven activities.

Rapid adaptation to the stimulation from any challenging performance accelerates the learning curve and therefore the excellence in that particular sport. Warm ups take on new meaning as high levels neurons and muscle fibers are jumpstarted with in seconds of using the device. Fast twitch muscle fibers are recruited leading to explosive strength, enhanced muscular endurance, and improved agility.

Rapid rehabilitation after injury is vital for professional athletes. Coaches and trainers can now marvel at how quickly players can return to play even after sustaining “game ending injuries”.

Health & Fitness

Vibrating060_sml.jpgThe DKN-Technology improves internal energy or Chi which can be depleted through conventional training methods. Working out with free weights or weight-bearing equipment uses up vital energy reserves without really replacing the lost capacity. Micro traumas to the muscles may not all be repaired because of reduced energy reserves secondary to poor diet, stress or overtraining.

Achieve equal if not better results in one third the time required to train using weights or other conventional exercise technologies. Improved digestion helps increase the amounts of nutrients available to regenerate or rejuvenate lost body function. Super-compensation of the neuro-muscular system or what is also known as, a hypergravity state, accounts for the benefits presently discussed... When operating at 40 hertz, for example, the user’s muscles are contracting and releasing 40 times per second, while sustaining the resistance equal to over 3.0 times the user’s body weight or 3 G’s.

Traditional resistance training methods provide resistance on a single linear axis whereas the DKN-Technology’s resistance effects occur on multiple axes stimulating the entire body of fibers within a given muscle group at the same time. Vibration training on the DKN-Technology is used to significantly improve muscle strength and speed, flexibility, range of motion and coordination, improve blood flow and oxygenation throughout the body, expedite the recovery and regeneration of damaged tissue and ultimately, enhance the user’s general wellness and quality of life.

Anti-aging Longevity

The DKN-Technology is a quintessential tool in anti-aging and for living a longer healthier life. Vibration training on the DKN-Technology creates an intense vigorous workout affecting virtually every muscle in the body without using overload, and dramatically reducing strain on joints, ligaments and tendons.

The brain reacts to the intensity of the workout by producing enormous blood flow and oxygenation throughout the entire body while also causing a dramatic spike in Human Growth Hormone (HGH), key to the repair and regeneration of tissues. At the same time there is a rise in testosterone back to optimal levels for both men and women, a significant elevation of neurotransmitters and endorphins (providing the so called runner's "high") helping to suppress pain and elevate the users mood.

In DKN-Technology’s short duration training (an average of 15 minutes a day, five times a week), you will also quickly increase flexibility and range of motion as well as improve the production of collagen all within the first ninety seconds of use. Overall, the DKN-Technology contributes to a more youthful feeling due to an increase in oxygenation, increased secretion of serotonin (the happiness hormone), mental stimulation and improved basic brain functions (such as better concentration). Almost immediately you will notice positive influences to your overall strength and well-being.

By decreasing cortisol levels, the DKN-Technology helps eliminate the effects of stress making the DKN-Technology a great tool for relaxation. The DKN-Technology is a fitness and wellness device that creates far better results than traditional training methods in significantly less time with relatively little exertion.

The vibration technology uses subconscious stretch reflexes produced by mechanical stimulation at a rate of 30 to 60 times per second depending on the selected frequency level. The vibrations cause the muscles to contract and relax at a very rapid rate stimulating and increasing the desired exercise benefits with less effort, time and stress on the body.

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